IV Hydration Treatments

IV hydration treatments are administered by an experienced and licensed Registered Nurse. IV hydration is currently the most effective way for a person to get rehydrated and rejuvenated. It is the process of receiving fluids, minerals, and vitamins directly into your vein. Once in the bloodstream, nutrients are absorbed quickly by your cells with a yield of 95% or higher. You should start feeling the effects within a couple hours after your treatment is complete. And the full effects should last 2 weeks up to 4 weeks. It all depends on your activity levels. The more active you are, the more nutrients your body needs and uses.

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Lauren Pearson

Lauren Pearson is a Registered Nurse with 15 years of experience, and over 20 years total in the healthcare field. She received her Nursing Degree from Iowa Central College and her Bachelors in Nursing from Upper Iowa University. Her passion for helping others is strong and she is always looking for ways to help improve the lives of others. Lauren and her husband Nick have 4 children: Bria, Lucas, Gretchen and Nora. Lauren loves to spend time with her family and pets. She also enjoys riding her bike and getting out to see live music.